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May 30, 2024 •

Can these candidates convince women to vote Liberal again?

Nine years ago, the Liberal Party said it was aiming for gender parity by 2025. Since then, the number of Liberal women in parliaments across the country has actually fallen. Now, with another election approaching, the Liberals have a fresh batch of candidates. Some of them look and speak like teals, but will it be enough to win back sceptical voters?

Today, special correspondent for The Saturday Paper Jason Koutsoukis, on whether the Liberal Party’s problem is its candidates or its brand.


May 29, 2024 •

Why the PNG landslide should be Australia's problem too

Two thousand people have been buried under rubble and dirt in Papua New Guinea after a landslide this week. The PNG highlands were already a remote, inaccessible and dangerous part of the world. Now, after a natural disaster, it’s even worse.

Today, CARE’s country director Justine McMahon on why getting in to help is so hard, and journalist Jo Chandler on what she fears may happen next.


May 28, 2024 •

Why did Albanese back banning under-16s from social media?

There are currently a number of running campaigns concerned about the effects of social media on young people. And one proposed solution is to simply ban anyone under the age of 16 from social media for their own protection.

Today, chief anchor and managing director of 6 News Australia Leo Puglisi on what he thinks of the idea and why even the prime minister seems to be backing it.


May 27, 2024 •

The man who’s taking the fight to Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest

Yindjibarndi Traditional Owners have been locked in a long-running legal battle with Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group and the WA government over what the Federal Court ruled was illegal mining on their land.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper Ben Abbatangelo, on the billion-dollar battle and the very personal toll it’s taken on those fighting it.


May 24, 2024 •

Arrest warrants for Hamas leaders and Netanyahu: What happens next?

On Monday, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Karim Khan announced he would apply for arrest warrants for senior Hamas leaders as well as Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defence minister Yoav Gallant. So, how did the ICC’s prosecutor come to the point of applying for arrest warrants? What happens next? And can international law survive the scrutiny it’s now under?

Today, expert in international law and professor at the University of California Davis Chimene Keitner on the warrants now drawing attention from around the world.


May 23, 2024 •

Gas beyond 2050: A Labor revolt or sanctioned dissent?

The members of this federal Labor government have been pretty disciplined on not publicly criticising party policy. So it raised a few eyebrows when MPs from inner-city seats took aim at the government’s Future Gas Strategy.

Today, national correspondent for The Saturday Paper Mike Seccombe, on what’s behind the gas plan and why a little “sanctioned dissent” might be part of a broader electoral strategy.


May 22, 2024 •

Jennifer Robinson on UK courts giving Assange one last appeal

Julian Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, describes the long, meandering court process Assange has faced as “punishment by process”. Just this week, in a decision that may have saved Assange from being immediately extradited to the United States, the British High Court ruled it will hear one more appeal against his extradition – but not until later this year.

Today, Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson, on why she’s back in Australia lobbying the government and whether they can secure a deal before the US election in November.


May 21, 2024 •

Albanese abandons plans to bring home 'ISIS brides'

When you look at the Al Roj refugee camp in Northern Syria on Google Maps, you can see it’s only a few hundred metres away from an airport tarmac. But for the 40 Australian citizens stranded at the camp – with no water, electricity or real plan for the future – getting on a plane home could still be years away.

Today, special correspondent for The Saturday Paper Jason Koutsoukis, on why the government seems to have abandoned its plans to bring them home.


1257: Can these candidates convince women to vote Liberal again?