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Dec 7, 2023 •

Joe Biden's five 'noes' in the Israel-Hamas war

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is well and truly over, with the war expanding to include southern Gaza, where many have already fled to escape the destruction in the north. Meanwhile, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself in disagreement with Israel’s biggest supporter, the US, over what should happen after the war ends.

Today, Middle East correspondent for The Economist Gregg Carlstrom, on the reality of the war since the ceasefire ended.


Dec 6, 2023 •

The woman arrested 22 times

It had been over 10 years since anyone in the state of Tasmania was sentenced to prison for protesting. But that all changed, when Colette Harmsen faced court this year. After racking up 22 arrests, a magistrate put her behind bars.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper Elfy Scott, on the woman who isn’t deterred by jail time and whether direct action leads to meaningful change.


Dec 5, 2023 •

Why private school kids run the country

While the majority of Australians go through the public school system, pending research reveals that the majority of our politicians did not. So, which politicians went to private schools, and is their lack of lived experience in public education holding back reforms to the sector?

Today, national correspondent for The Saturday Paper, Mike Seccombe, on why the gap between public and private schools in Australia is widening.


Dec 4, 2023 •

Bruce Lehrmann vs Channel Ten

In searching for the truth, the defamation trial between Bruce Lehrmann and Network Ten has been defined by the discovery of lies.

Today, senior reporter for The Saturday Paper Rick Morton, on the lies, the truth and the reputations hanging in the balance.


Dec 1, 2023 •

Is it finally time to change immigration detention?

Over the past few years, Australia’s immigration detention policy, which was once the feature of political debates and elections, has stopped making front page news. That’s until a recent High Court decision deemed Australia’s indefinite detention policy unlawful, leading to the release of over 140 people who had been in indefinite immigration detention.

Today, columnist for The Saturday Paper Paul Bongiorno on calls for more accountability in Australia’s hardline immigration regime.


Nov 30, 2023 •

The moment boomers cooked the housing market

Australia has one of the most expensive housing markets in the world, with values soaring much faster than wages. So, where did things go so wrong, and can we ever go back to normal?

Today, finance journalist and author of the latest Quarterly Essay,: ‘The Great Divide on Australia’s housing mess and how to fix it’, Alan Kohler.


Nov 29, 2023 •

Is Australia’s regime of secrecy over?

Critics say Australia may be the world’s most secretive democracy, with a patchwork of laws and obstacles standing in the way of transparency and press freedom.

Today, chief political correspondent for The Saturday Paper Karen Middleton, on Australia’s secrecy laws and whether the government’s overhaul will go far enough.


Nov 28, 2023 •

What does the Israel-Hamas ceasefire really mean?

The first brief ceasefire has taken effect in the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper and Middle East correspondent for The Economist Gregg Carlstrom, on the ceasefire, how long it could hold and what will happen when the war continues.


1126: Joe Biden's five 'noes' in the Israel-Hamas war