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Apr 18, 2024 •

The Great Housing Disaster: How to fix it

A solution to the housing crisis is one of the most sought-after ideas in Australia. Political careers, fortunes and the fate of a generation will rest on how we respond to the increasingly dire housing market, which means there are countless solutions to this crisis being debated throughout the country.

In this episode of 7am’s five-part series, we explore four of these possible solutions to the crisis. You will hear from finance expert Alan Kohler, Greens spokesperson for Housing Max Chandler Mather, Housing advocate Maiy Azize and former deputy lord mayor of Sydney and author Jess Scully

Nov 30, 2023 •

The moment boomers cooked the housing market

Australia has one of the most expensive housing markets in the world, with values soaring much faster than wages. So, where did things go so wrong, and can we ever go back to normal?

Today, finance journalist and author of the latest Quarterly Essay,: ‘The Great Divide on Australia’s housing mess and how to fix it’, Alan Kohler.

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