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Mar 20, 2023 •

Bob Brown on the fight Tanya Plibersek needs to have

Bob Brown, the founding leader of The Greens, is ready to make a plea to Tanya Plibersek: stand up in cabinet and be a voice against coal and gas.

While the party he used to lead is locked in a tense battle with the Labor party today over the safeguard mechanism, Brown says he believes Tanya Plibersek could actually become the best environment minister Australia has ever had – she just needs the support of the prime minister.

Jul 19, 2021 • 14m 35s

Bob Brown on the fight to save Tasmania’s wilderness from a toxic waste dump

The Tarkine rainforest, in Tasmania's north west, is Australia's largest temperate rainforest and home to some of the country’s most endangered species. But now a mining company has started clearing the Tarkine, to build a new dam. Today, Bob Brown on the fight to save the Tarkine, and why the Morrison government is so hesitant to intervene.

Aug 26, 2020 • 17m 57s

Bob Brown and the end of the environment

As the federal government tries to hand power over environmental regulations to state governments, parallels have been drawn to the battles fought between activists and big business during the Howard years. Today, former Greens leader Bob Brown on how the legacy of John Howard’s environmental policies is shaping the current fight.

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