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Oct 20, 2023 •

Treaty: Is it possible after a Voice defeat?

After the Voice to Parliament was rejected, attention shifted to Canberra this week to ask, what’s next? But for those who held out any hope our politicians had a plan prepared to address Indigenous disadvantage, they were sorely mistaken.

Today, columnist for The Saturday Paper, Daniel James, on whether there’s a path to treaty, and what the debate will now look like in a new chapter of Indigenous affairs.

Oct 15, 2023 •

'No' wins: Is this the end of reconciliation?

Australia has voted in the first referendum in over 20 years; a referendum billed as the culmination of decades of reconciliation work.

Today, columnist for The Saturday Paper Daniel James, on what the result reveals about the country and where we go to from here.

Sep 8, 2023 •

The second referendum nobody asked for

The first week of the referendum campaign started with an unmistakable voice: John Farnham. His iconic hit is now the anthem for “Yes” voters – but for “No” voters the ad is superficial and panders to emotions rather than giving concrete reasons to support the Voice.

Today, Daniel James on the early day strategies of both camps and the potential for things to become more toxic as the campaign proceeds.

Aug 18, 2023 •

Why it’s important to listen to Lidia Thorpe. Even if you’re voting Yes.

A war is still being waged against Indigenous Australians by a colonial state to this day. That is the vision sketched out by Senator Lidia Thorpe this week in a landmark speech. So is a Voice to Parliament really an extension of Australia’s shameful past? Or could it help overcome that trauma?

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper Daniel James, on why it’s important to listen to Lidia Thorpe – even if you’re voting yes.

May 31, 2023 •

Stan Grant and Australia's failure to talk about racism

When Australia’s most high-profile Indigenous journalist was forced to step away from his role because of racist abuse – it made headlines around the world.

But here in Australia, most of the media and our political leaders have struggled to comprehend the meaning of the moment – and appear to be trapped in a cycle of well-wishes, apologies and outright denial instead of taking action.

Today, Yorta Yorta writer and contributor to The Saturday Paper Daniel James, on whether Australia is mature enough to have a national conversation about racism and justice for Indigenous people.

Feb 11, 2021 • 17m 13s

Eddie McGuire’s gone but Australia’s racism problem isn’t

Eddie McGuire’s resignation as the President of Collingwood is the culmination of a decades-long story of racism at the club. But the story isn’t just about Collingwood, the AFL or even sport. Today, Daniel James on how racism in sport can’t be divorced from racism across our society.

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