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Aug 24, 2023 •

Surviving in Australia’s hottest towns

In the Northern Territory, remote communities with large Indigenous populations know how to live in extreme heat. But even they say they’re seeing the climate change before their eyes, making their homes less and less liveable. So what lessons can First Nations peoples impart about surviving a hotter future?

Today, Dechlan Brennan on how Indigenous resilience and cultural knowledge can help us cope in a climate crisis.

Feb 3, 2022 • 15m 13s

Inside Australia’s hottest prison

Recently Roebourne Regional Prison marked its hottest day on record - reaching 50.5 degrees. Former prisoners and advocates have warned that it’s not a matter of if someone at Roebourne will die from heat - it’s a matter of when. Today, Dechlan Brennan on what it’s like in Australia’s hottest prison, and why the government is refusing to act.

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