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Mar 7, 2022 • 16m 45s

Will house prices ever crash?

For decades, house prices in Australia have been accelerating and defying every prediction of a crash. The pandemic has done nothing to slow down that trajectory, with prices continuing to go up, despite economic uncertainty. Today, Russell Marks on why Australia’s housing market continues to confound expectations and what might actually make a difference.

Nov 2, 2021 • 16m 12s

How the government silences charities

Frontline charity workers say that the sector's dependency on government funding means that the people they’re supposed to be helping are instead sidelined and betrayed. Today, contributor to The Monthly Russell Marks on how charities are becoming complicit in their own silencing.

Aug 7, 2019 • 14m31s

Racism and the judge

As a judge’s comments about Aboriginal people cause outrage, lawyers in the Northern Territory wonder why a key body hasn’t made a complaint.

Jul 17, 2019 • 13m31s

Guarding the henhouse

Almost two years since changes were implemented following a royal commission into youth detention, tear gas is again being used on children in the Northern Territory.

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