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Oct 23, 2023 •

Thomas Mayo on what follows the Voice

Thomas Mayo, one of the most prominent “Yes” campaigners for the referendum, is still reeling from its defeat. But after observing a week of silence along with other Indigenous leaders, he’s had time to reflect on the campaign’s loss and on his own regrets.

Today, author and contributor to The Saturday Paper Thomas Mayo on what went wrong, who’s to blame and what comes next.

Oct 11, 2023 •

The Fight for a Voice: Inside the case for ‘Yes’

The “Yes” campaign set out to accomplish a rare feat in Australian politics: to win a majority of Australians and a majority of states. That is, to win a referendum.

So how was the campaign built? And can it really overcome the huge challenge in time for polling day?

Jun 29, 2023 •

Thomas Mayo on the Voice, the polls and the critics

Since the Voice to Parliament referendum was announced, the Voice has enjoyed majority support, according to the biggest opinion polls – that is, until this week.

Today, the author The Voice to Parliament Handbook with Kerry O’Brien and board member of Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition, Thomas Mayo, on whether the ‘Yes’ campaign message is cutting through and if it needs to be clearer.

Apr 27, 2023 •

Just how ‘elite’ are the people behind the Voice?

Criticism of the Voice to Parliament from the conservative side of politics has ratcheted up ever since Peter Dutton’s decision to oppose it. The main accusations are: the proposal for the Voice is coming from elites and not ‘regular’ Indigenous Australians, and it won’t achieve practical change.

Today, union organiser and member of the referendum working group, Thomas Mayo, on the loudest voices against the Voice.

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