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Mar 5, 2024 •

‘Enough is enough’: a mother’s fight for justice over her son’s death in custody

Aunty Donnas Kerr has spent her life fighting for Indigenous rights. A member of the stolen generations, she grew up seeing members of her family die in custody and marching the streets for justice.

In 2022, Aunty Donnas received a phone call about her own son, Joshua Kerr, who had died alone in a prison cell, after calling out for help.


Mar 4, 2024 •

The most powerful minister you’ve never heard of

A new bill that redefines Australia’s gas industry has a surprising section smuggled in the fine print. It’s designed to change not just the way we approve gas projects, but reshape the balance of power inside the Labor cabinet and take powers away from Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper, Royce Kurmelovs, on the most powerful minister nobody’s heard of and the further influence she may soon have.


Mar 1, 2024 •

Rosie Batty and a decade of public grieving

Ten years ago, Schwartz Media launched its weekly independent newspaper, The Saturday Paper. On page three of its first edition was a story about a woman who had just become a household name: Rosie Batty.

Today, associate editor of The Saturday Paper, Martin McKenzie Murray, on what he learnt about grief after following Rosie Batty’s story for a decade.


Feb 29, 2024 •

Scott Morrison leaves parliament: A winner or a loser?

Scott Morrison has left the building. The former prime minister was known for his finely crafted personal image – a Dad from the shire who loved rugby league. But with a more notorious political career, does that image hold up?

Today, author of The Game, Sean Kelly on Scott Morrison’s final speech, and whether he really won or lost at the game of politics.


Feb 28, 2024 •

Why Labor is being accused of pork-barrelling

Pork-barrelling it's not illegal, but it’s one of the dark arts of politics: governments spending money in seats they want to win. So, when does the practice cross the line from politicians faithfully serving the public into pork-barrelling and using taxpayer dollars to essentially bribe voters?

Today, chief political correspondent for The Saturday Paper Karen Middleton on the two Labor grants that are beginning to raise questions in Canberra.


Feb 27, 2024 •

Everything Peter Dutton is getting wrong on asylum seekers

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton may have found the message he’s taking to the federal election: stop the “armada of boats”. It hasn’t been high on the agenda for years, but a couple of weeks ago a boat arriving in far north Western Australia gave him an opportunity to put the issue back on the front page.

Today, national correspondent for The Saturday Paper Mike Seccombe, fact checks Peter Dutton’s media blitz and his claims about asylum seekers.


Feb 26, 2024 •

‘They don't know much’: Politicians spending on the military

Australia has spent almost 15 years trying to buy new surface ships for the navy, but they are still yet to arrive. That’s because successive governments have repeatedly thrown out the old plan to introduce their own. Last week, the Albanese government was the latest to reveal their plans for the future of the navy’s surface fleet. So, will it work?

Today, emeritus professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University and contributor to The Saturday Paper Hugh White, on Labor’s navy overhaul and whether it’s an expensive grab for votes.


Feb 23, 2024 •

The two days that could decide Julian Assange's freedom

Julian Assange has spent years fighting to prevent his extradition to the United States and this week, the battle has come down to just two days in court, when his lawyers made what could be their final stand. The British High Court now holds his fate in its hands, as it considers his request for an appeal.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper Amy Fallon, on what the court heard and how mounting public and political support is helping the Australian’s cause.


1189: ‘Enough is enough’: a mother’s fight for justice over her son’s death in custody