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Jan 19, 2021 • 20m38s

Climate change will kill you, part three: sickness

From thunderstorm asthma to the increasing prevalence of infectious disease, a warming planet is already making us more sick. In the final part of this series, we investigate how climate change puts us more at risk of disease. Today, Climate change will kill you, part three: sickness.


Jan 16, 2021 • 17m 50s

Highlight: How 4 million books were sold on fabrications

Australian author Heather Morris has made millions selling books about the Holocaust, but the people in them are unrecognisable to their families.


Jan 12, 2021 • 18m42s

Climate change will kill you, part two: flood

In 2011 the Queensland town of Grantham was inundated with rain, causing flash flooding. It had a devastating impact on the town’s residents. But events like this are predicted to become more common, as the planet warms leading to more extreme weather events. Today, Climate change will kill you, part two: flood.


Jan 9, 2021 • 15m 44s

Highlight: The school fighting to save its language

For decades, students in Footscray in Melbourne’s West, have been taught in Vietnamese alongside English. But now, the program is under threat. Today, André Dao on why we value some languages more than others, and what it says about where Australia sees its place in the world.


Jan 5, 2021 • 18m 59s

Climate change will kill you, part one: heat

In this new series, journalist Paddy Manning investigates the link between climate change and human health, and tells the stories of those who have become some of the first casualties of the climate crisis. Today’s episode is part one: heat.


Dec 18, 2020 • 15m 11s

The year that was (plus, Buon Natale from Paul Bongiorno)

Scott Morrison started the year bruised by his response to the bushfire crisis. But the pandemic has seen a big bounce in his approval ratings. With an election predicted for next year, will it be enough to secure another term? Today, Paul Bongiorno on how federal politics played out in 2020, and what’s coming next.


Dec 18, 2020 • 48m12s

The Saturday Quiz: Zoë Coombs Marr, Kate Jinx, Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson

Four times as many questions plus two times as many guests equals more laughs than it’s possible to quantify. In this final episode of The Saturday Quiz, two teams of returning guests - Zoë Coombs Marr and Kate Jinx, and Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson - go up against each other in the ultimate battle of general knowledge. How does Dave’s expert category of “colours” fare against Zoë’s encyclopedic mastery of Xena: Warrior Princess? And what is better quiz preparation: Staying up late on a Sunday night in a different time zone, like Sarah? Or singing Christmas carols in the car on a long drive, like Kate?


Dec 17, 2020 • 16m 19s

Dutton’s new plan to spy on Australians

The federal government has proposed new laws that would give federal police the power to spy on Australian citizens. But the decision contradicts the government’s own review into national intelligence. Today, Karen Middleton on the controversial expansion of national security laws.


: Climate change will kill you, part three: sickness