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Jul 19, 2024 •

Who knew the CFMEU's dirty secrets?

Allegations of widespread corruption, criminal infiltration, standover tactics and other nefarious activities within the ranks of the CFMEU have been all over the media. Now there are questions over who knew what, when, and what it means for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects.

Today, Martin McKenzie-Murray on the fallout from the union’s upheaval.


Jul 18, 2024 •

How to be a climate whistleblower

As Australia stares down the barrel of a climate crisis, with the climate wars back in the news and the added push for nuclear energy – the importance of whistleblowing in exposing environmental harms is being highlighted now more than ever.

Today, Regina Featherstone, on how whistleblowers are an untapped resource in the pursuit of a safer climate.


Jul 17, 2024 •

The surge in financial abuse against women

After spending nine months in a coma at the hands of her former partner, Shenane Hogg discovered her abuser had amassed $56,000 of debt in her name. Her story is just one of many that was heard at a parliamentary inquiry into how the financial system can be used to abuse women.

Today, Karen Barlow on the sharp rise in financial abuse, and why we’re failing to prevent it.


Jul 16, 2024 •

Assassinations, insurrections and massacres: an American story

The attempted assassination of former US President Donald Trump shocked the United States, with prominent politicians condemning the use of violence as un-American. But does that reaction downplay just how pervasive political violence has been in US history?

Today, Nick Bryant, on America’s long and sordid tradition of violence and dangerous rhetoric.


Jul 15, 2024 •

Peter Dutton’s big Queensland energy

Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has been stressing his closeness to both his home state of Queensland, and to his Coalition partners, the Nationals. Already he has promised to crack down on crime, slow immigration, break up supermarket monopolies, and deliver an energy revolution powered by nuclear. So will the upcoming Queensland state election be a testing ground for Dutton’s federal agenda?

Today, Jason Koutsoukis on how Peter Dutton is marketing himself, and whether Australia is ready to look more like Queensland.


Jul 12, 2024 •

Artist and refugee Mostafa Azimitabar on painting from a hostile country

When Mostafa Azimitabar was imprisoned on Manus Island, he took up painting using the only supplies available to him – coffee and a toothbrush. Mostafa survived the brutality of Australia’s asylum seeker detention system for more than eight years.

Freed in 2021, he now lives in Sydney. But he paints from the edges of a country whose systems remain hostile towards him, as he navigates temporary visas with no stability, at constant risk of deportation.


Jul 11, 2024 •

Will the threat of jail time help fix Aged Care?

The royal commission into aged care highlighted just how difficult it can be to achieve accountability when someone in care is harmed, especially when the abuse is at the hands of those running the nursing homes and home care services. The federal government is attempting to remedy this with new laws that could see directors and management jailed in particularly egregious cases.

Today, Sarah Holland-Batt on whether the government's new laws will be enough to turn around the disaster that is our aged care system.


Jul 10, 2024 •

The China think tank attacked by Wolverines

Margaret Simons keeps an eye on the influence of defence, foreign affairs and security communities in Canberra – and recently the story of one think tank, China Matters, caught her attention. The influential group, dedicated to bettering Australia’s understanding of China, was defunded during a time of aggressive posturing towards the superpower.

Today, Margaret Simons on why this think tank came undone, and how a crew of anti-China politicians called ‘the Wolverines’ led the attack.


1296: Who knew the CFMEU's dirty secrets?