War games and an espionage arms race

Aug 2, 2021 • 16m 25s



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Aug 2, 2021 • 16m 25s

War games and an espionage arms race

Every two years the Australian and US defence forces engage in a massive military exercise called Talisman Sabre. This year, many observers say the focus has been on China. The wargames haven’t gone unnoticed, in fact the Chinese navy sent two spy ships to monitor the situation. Today, Brian Toohey on the danger of these military maneuvers and the espionage arms race taking place in our region.


Jul 30, 2021 • 13m 00s

Labor’s great surrender

While many Australians were focused on watching the Olympics this week, the federal Labor Opposition quietly made some significant policy changes. The party has now fallen in line with the government's tax cuts for the wealthy, despite previously labelling them unfair and ineffective. Today, Paul Bongiorno on Labor’s small-target strategy, and if it will work.


Jul 29, 2021 • 16m 57s

Who are Australia’s anti-lockdown protestors?

Last weekend thousands of people marched across Australia to protest against lockdowns. The sheer size of the protests suggests that the anti-lockdown movement might be crossing over into the political mainstream. Today, Ariel Bogle on the different groups behind these marches, why they’re growing, and the Australian politicians trying to capitalise on lockdown discontent.


Jul 28, 2021 • 15m 26s

Welcome to the heat dome

Over the past few weeks a slow-moving weather event has led to record high temperatures across North America.This kind of event is known as a heat dome, and it’s breaking existing models that try to predict the weather. Today, Max Opray on why this particular heat even is alarming climate scientists, and what it means for the next Australian summer.


Jul 27, 2021 • 15m 00s

The Liberal factions pushing out Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison has regularly praised NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian for her government’s so-called ‘gold standard’ approach to contact tracing, and unwillingness to enter lockdown. But behind the surface there are growing tensions between key Liberal party figures in NSW and the federal government. Today, Mike Seccombe on how factionalism and mishandled pandemic are weakening Scott Morrison’s influence in his home state.


Jul 26, 2021 • 18m 23s

How one DNA test kept this family apart for a decade

In Australia, DNA testing has been routinely used for decades in deciding who can and can’t enter the country. The story of one couple trying to make a new home in Australia has raised new questions about how exactly the tests work, and if they discriminate against people from certain racial backgrounds. Today, Oscar Schwartz on the faulty science that is keeping families separated.


Jul 23, 2021 • 16m 22s

Front row seats to the world’s biggest experiment

After being postponed last year, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games officially begin tonight in the middle of Japan’s third wave of Covid-19 and amidst a pandemic that is still raging across the world. But, with athletes pulling out and more and more participants testing positive for Covid-19, are the games worth it? Today, Kieran Pender on what it’s like to have front row seats to the biggest experiment in the world right now.


Jul 22, 2021 • 13m 12s

The debate over vaccinating children

Throughout this pandemic one group in particular have been at the forefront of key policy debates: young people. But as we’ve learnt more about the virus, a new fault-line has emerged: the question of how and when to vaccinate young people.


513: War games and an espionage arms race