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Apr 12, 2024 •

Penny Wong’s plan to recognise Palestine

When Penny Wong took the lectern for the keynote speech at a conference on foreign affairs this week, she could have done what politicians usually do at these events. Instead, she decided to float the idea that Australia should recognise an independent Palestinian state.

Today, columnist for The Saturday Paper Paul Bongiorno, on what recognising a Palestinian state would mean – and why the foreign minister decided to talk about it now.


Apr 11, 2024 •

Mark Zuckerberg is playing chicken with Australian news

Three years ago, Australia became the first nation in the world to make Facebook pay for news. Now, those deals are about to expire, and Facebook isn’t willing to renew them them.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper and author of Media Unmade: Australian Media’s Most Disruptive Decade Tim Burrowes, on why the world is watching Mark Zuckerberg’s fight with the Australian media and government.


Apr 10, 2024 •

Does the Immigration minister really believe in what he's doing?

Australian Border Force and Western Australian police spent the weekend searching for 15 men who had arrived in the country by boat. The arrival of this boat comes as the federal government attempts to legislate controversial new laws, deflect criticism from the opposition and keep immigration off the political agenda.

Today, national correspondent for The Saturday Paper Mike Seccombe, on the politician in the middle of it all – Immigration Minister Andrew Giles – and his surprising 23-year journey from asylum seeker lawyer to immigration minister.


Apr 9, 2024 •

The Lehrmann interview (Taylor's version)

Former Channel Seven producer Taylor Auerbach has given extraordinary evidence at Bruce Lehrmann’s trial against Channel Ten over defamation. Auerbach evidence is significant enough that the judge sensationally reopened the case, and it could impact the final verdict – but it has also led to explosive allegations that ask questions of the entire Australian media.

Today, senior reporter for The Saturday Paper Rick Morton, on the three men who are now at the centre of the Bruce Lehrmann defamation case.


Apr 8, 2024 •

The fossil fuel approval that wasn’t published

The Albanese government was elected on a sense of optimism for the climate movement. But nearly two years later, there’s a growing sense of unease from the climate movement and traditional owners towards the government in Canberra.

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper Royce Kurmelovs, on the bad blood brewing between the government and environmentalists.


Apr 5, 2024 •

The killing of Zomi Frankcom

Israel’s killing of seven aid workers in Gaza has been met with international outrage. Their deaths now risk entrenching starvation further, as aid organisations begin to doubt whether they’re receiving the protections and safety they should be offered in a war zone.

Today, world editor for The Saturday Paper, Jonathan Pearlman, on Australia’s response to the Israeli attack and whether this is a turning point in the Middle East.


Apr 4, 2024 •

Can a gag order slow down Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is known for being the loudest, most controversial and outburst-prone politician of our time. Now, a judge has issued a gag order against him in an attempt to prevent further outbursts.

Today, senior fellow at the United States Studies Centre and author of Trump’s Australia, Bruce Wolpe, on whether Trump’s legal battles are finally catching up with him.


Apr 3, 2024 •

Why the churches lobby is still so powerful in Canberra

Some of Australia’s most powerful religious bodies have taken aim at Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and also the Greens – accusing them of threatening the future of religious freedom. But the cause of this backlash is simply the possibility that the government would work with the Greens to reform a 40-year-old loophole in our discrimination laws.

Today, national correspondent for The Saturday Paper, Mike Seccombe, on religion’s influence in Canberra and the political strategy behind the prime minister’s latest move.


1220: Penny Wong’s plan to recognise Palestine