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Aug 17, 2022 •

What the FBI found at Donald Trump’s home

An FBI raid that uncovered classified government documents at Donald Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, has opened the floodgates of anger among his right-wing supporters. T

rump has now called for calm, but maintains the FBI’s raid was part of a witch-hunt and that he has done nothing wrong. So, what was the FBI looking for?


Aug 16, 2022 •

How the John Barilaro ‘sh**show’ engulfed a government

It began with a job offer: $500,000 a year to be a ‘trade envoy’ in New York. Now, an entire state government has become embroiled in a scandal over job appointments and how they get made.

As Australia prepares to implement a federal anti-corruption body, in New South Wales – the state that first put in place an independent anti-corruption commission – we're learning a lot about why we need more transparency in politics.


Aug 15, 2022 •

One year since the fall of Kabul: Who was left behind?

It’s been one year since the Taliban swiftly took control of Afghanistan as the US pulled out after 20 years of war. In the days following the takeover, foreign countries rushed to evacuate diplomatic staff from Kabul.

Thousands of Afghans were also airlifted out, but many, even those who worked directly with Australia and other foreign nations, remain trapped.


Aug 12, 2022 •

China warns Australia to pipe down on Taiwan

China has a message for Australia: be quiet and take the trade money.

In a chilling speech, China’s ambassador to Australia laid out his nation’s aims with startling honesty – including that China would pursue what he called ‘reunification’ with Taiwan at any cost.


Aug 11, 2022 •

Megan Davis on what’s next for the Voice

Australians could soon get to vote in a referendum and we will be asked whether Australia should amend its constitution to create an Indigenous Voice to parliament.

Today, someone who has spent years working towards constitutional recognition: chair in constitutional law at the University of New South Wales, Megan Davis.


Aug 10, 2022 •

The secret jailing of an Australian spy

A former intelligence officer in Canberra was charged, sentenced, and jailed in complete secrecy in 2018.

It was only after he brought his own legal complaint, and a couple of journalists noticed some security guards in the courthouse, that anything about his case was made public.


Aug 9, 2022 •

The school funding gap the Coalition left behind

The new government has inherited a problem that no one wants to talk about: the deep inequality of funding between public and private and independent schools.

That discrepancy is most evident when it comes to the way that students with disabilities are funded. Today, senior reporter for The Saturday Paper Rick Morton reveals the $600 million funding shortfall for students with a disability in the public system.


Aug 8, 2022 •

The threat to our food is here to stay

Our food supply is facing violent shocks — pandemic, war, and floods. And the threat to food security is unprecedented.

Underpinning the problem is the catastrophe of climate change, which will impact not only us but our neighbours too — creating implications for national security. Today, Esther Linder on a looming food crisis that Australia isn’t prepared for, and what it means for the way we eat.


759: What the FBI found at Donald Trump’s home