Spotlight: Inside Anthony Albanese’s election night

Dec 23, 2022 •

Almost a decade of conservative government in Australia has ended. Votes are still being counted, but it looks like the Liberal and National Party have suffered their worst result in decades.

The Greens, independents and minor parties have had historic wins and will wield significant power in the new parliament.



Spotlight: Inside Anthony Albanese’s election night

851 • Dec 23, 2022

Spotlight: Inside Anthony Albanese’s election night

Seven months ago, Anthony Albanese’s Labor broke almost ten years of Coalition rule.

Labor’s celebration were large and loud – and 7am was there to record the moment.

We spent the night in Marrickville, home soil for the new prime minister, at Labor’s election night party.

Over the course of the night we spoke with our reporter Karen Middleton, incoming minister Tony Burke, and, at the end of the night, we got one quick question with the newly-elected prime minister.

Today, we return to Labor’s election night victory.

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851: Spotlight: Inside Anthony Albanese’s election night