Spotlight: Monique Ryan vs The Treasurer of Australia

Dec 22, 2022 •

On election night, the Melbourne seat of Kooyong could be one of the most fiercely contested in the country. The treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg, is facing what he’s described as the fight of his political life.

His opponent was virtually unknown to most Australians a few months ago, but now polls show she has a chance at victory. So who is the woman taking on the Treasurer?



Spotlight: Monique Ryan vs The Treasurer of Australia

850 • Dec 22, 2022

Spotlight: Monique Ryan vs The Treasurer of Australia

Back in May, our producer Elle Marsh was given unprecedented access to Dr Monique Ryan and her campaign, as they attempted to unseat one of Australia’s top politicians.

At the time, we had no idea whether the so-called teal candidates would be successful in their campaigns against Liberal party members, often in safe seats.

Kooyong, the seat that Dr Ryan was running for, had been held by the Liberal party for almost its entire existence, and was occupied by the Treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg.

As we made this episode, the tide began to turn and eventually Dr Ryan swept to victory, with a 9.3 swing against Frydenberg.

Today, we revisit the moment the climate began to shift.

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850: Spotlight: Monique Ryan vs The Treasurer of Australia